Emperidol is an electronic rock musician and producer from Seattle, Washington. He infuses the intensity of rock music with the size and spectacle of electronic music, inspired by acts like Disturbed, Linkin Park, and Three Days Grace, as well as alt/electronic artists like Jon Bellion, Billie Eilish, and Scarlxrd. He is preparing for the Chainsaws EP release summer 2019. 

Emperidol started his musical journey at age 12. His parents provided him with an array of instruments that he created simple melodies on. Around 15 years old, he discovered digital production programs. After being introduced to Ableton Live he quickly developed a passion for production and began crafting his own songs. 

After high school he enrolled at the University of Washington. Throughout this time, Emperidol was battling with depression, anxiety, and addiction. Two years into his time at UW he left to seek help. It was at this time that he dedicated himself to sobriety and pursuing a career in music – with mental health at the forefront of his message. Emperidol acquired a degree in Electronic Production and Sound Design from Berklee College of Music, releasing his debut EP Waiting for Heaven, shortly after. 

After the release of Waiting for Heaven, Emperidol sought to expand his sonic horizons and delved into more nuanced storytelling. His sophomore release incorporates elements of hip-hop, trap, and metal on top of his foundation of electronic and rock. The Chainsaws EP is due out summer 2019.